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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Madison, WI

Long view of interior of ornate theater facing the stage, filled with people in the audience

Photo credit: Matt Apps


Dinner and a show are ridiculously easy to navigate in a city where good food and concert halls are within blocks of one another. Even as Madison’s popularity grows, its passionate arts and music scene remains accessible to all.

View of illuminated Majestic Theater marquee from across a street at night

Photo credit: Richard Hurd


Just off Capitol Square on tree-lined King Street lies the Majestic, a pearl of a mid-size concert venue for comedians, musicians, dance parties, and the occasional screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Bring your own toast.

The Majestic Theater

View from across a street of illuminated Orpheum Theater marquee with a group of people standing underneath at night

Photo credit: Joshua Mellin


You can’t miss the the Orpheum Theater. With an Art Deco exterior and French Renaissance interior, the Orpheum is the kind of place that will compel you to dress up, even when you don’t have to. The 90-year-old State Street fixture provides a dramatic performing space, drawing in some of the biggest acts nationwide.

The Orpheum Theater